An analysis of inspector gooles entrance

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Explain the key points in the inspectors final speaches in

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- A Detailed Analysis of the Inspector in J.B Priestly's An Inspector Calls In this essay I will analyze the character of the inspector in the play 'An Inspector Calls' and what the characters and myself think of play is set in Brumley, a fictitious town in the Midlands in.

Although the Inspector criticizes Gerald’s affair with Daisy, the Inspector notes that Gerald is perhaps the least culpable, and most morally upright, of all the characters. Inspector Goole - A representative, supposedly, of the local police force, sent to investigate Eva Smith/Daisy Renton’s suicide.

Inspector Goole: Quote Bank. He directs the investigation carefully, dealing with ‘one line of enquiry at a time’. Therefore, he is controlling the structure of the play.

He is a teacher – to teach each character (and the audience) of the importance of social responsibility. Find your GCSE topic, and get great grades. untouchable until the Inspector arrives giving them a rude awakening.


His language changes when the Inspector arrives as he speaks in short, sharp fragments and uses lots of dashes. His language becomes more colloquial Zyknow which conveys how his authority is breaking down. He often uses ZI which conveys his selfish attitude, however, as. Lit: AIC Lit: J&H Lit: Poetry LESSONS - to the end of the play to use the comments button if you want any of these clarified - or, better yet, if you would like to do some practice analysis, select one and use the comments button to upload your draft, ready for feedback.

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An analysis of inspector gooles entrance
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