Brand awareness of amway

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Distributor Failure Rates in Amway (Quixtar)

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PR Newswire – WASHINGTON D.C., May 6, — When Amway ™ asked for help in raising awareness about global childhood malnutrition through its Nutrilite ™ Power of 5 Campaign, more thanpeople across the globe raised their hand to do just that.


As it celebrates its golden jubilee, Amway lays the foundation for the future with an accent on connecting with its young customers and building brand awareness. by The entrepreneur in Types > Business/Law > Marketing.

WASHINGTON D.C., May 6, ─ When Amway™ asked for help in raising awareness about global childhood malnutrition through its Nutrilite™ Power of 5 Campaign, more thanpeople across the globe raised their hand to do just that.

“Amway was able to gain market share in the direct selling industry, and our key product lines improved their competitive position as well.” Said President Doug DeVos: “Awareness of Amway’s business opportunity and product brands continue to grow as we invest in brand-building.

• Unaided brand awareness is over 25% for Amway. • When consumers visit our website, 80% type • Consumers who view our television advertising remember the name Amway. Offering a wide variety of nutrition products that range from vitamins to dietary supplements, the Nutrilite® brand is a renowned addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Brand awareness of amway
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