Chesapeake bay s blue crab

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Blue Crabs

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In Chesapeake Bay’s changing ecosystem, blue crab is king

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The State of Today's Blue Crab Fishery

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The blue crab's scientific name—Callinectes sapidus—translated from Latin means 'beautiful savory swimmer.' Blue crabs not only comprise the most valuable fishery in the Chesapeake Bay, but are major predators of benthic communities and are prey for many other fish species.

WASHINGTON — Despite the seemingly unending winter weather, Maryland found that the population of blue crabs in the Chesapeake Bay are “healthy and sustainable.”. The Bay’s signature crustacean supports important commercial and recreational fisheries.

But pollution, habitat loss and harvest pressures threaten blue crab abundance. There is nothing more “Chesapeake” than the blue crab. The Bay’s signature crustacean is one of the most recognizable.

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The Chesapeake’s iconic blue crabs have shown steady improvement since a low point in The Winter Dredge Survey conducted by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources showed the the population remains within healthy, sustainable parameters.

While the cold winter resulted in a decrease in adult crabs, including spawning-age females, the juvenile population increased 34 percent. Dozens of feet below the surface of the Chesapeake Bay, the world is changing as we know it.

In Chesapeake Bay’s changing ecosystem, blue crab is king

From the silty ocean floor, to the waves on the Bay’s surface, the marine ecosystem is starting to look different. Acres of the Bay’s brilliant green eelgrass are disappearing, causing blue crab to move.

The Bay’s signature crustacean supports important commercial and recreational fisheries. But pollution, habitat loss and harvest pressures threaten blue crab abundance. There is nothing more “Chesapeake” than the blue crab.

The Bay’s signature crustacean is one of the most recognizable.

Chesapeake bay s blue crab
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