China ccot 600 to 1450

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CCOT China from 600-1450 Essay Sample

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CCOT China from 600-1450 Essay Sample

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CCOT China from The separation of Genghis Khan’s children and the creation of many new territories created political and economic change and continuity. From C.E. to C.E., China was taken over by the Mongols and submitted to their rule; however, the Mongols kept the bureaucratic political system in play throughout their.

The period of saw a large increase in volume of long distance trade. Overland trade included luxury goods, such as silk and precious stones, while sea lanes carried larger, bulkier goods such as steel, stone, coral and building materials.

There are some powers that are similar to the ones before and the ones after (Byzantine, China). But, the major players in the Post-Classical era come from totally backwards places.

One sprouts out of a cave in the Arabian desert. Start studying AP World History CCOT (). Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Regional and Transregional Interactions C.E. to SNAPSHOT ~ C.E.

End of Eurasian Classical Period - epidemics, political and economic collapse, civil wars, invasions except Byzantine Empire - after end of China) and trading organizations (i.e., Hanseatic League) improved.

Changes Continuities China Aidan Hill CCOT China from The separation of Genghis Khan’s children and the creation of many new territories created political and economic change and continuity. From C.E. to C.E., China was taken over .

China ccot 600 to 1450
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