Heat capacity lab

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Determining Heat Capacity of Water Lab Answers

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Specific Heat Virtual Labs

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Specific thermal capacity of aluminium

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Specific heat capacity of an unknown metal

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The unit of heat capacity is joule per kelvin, or kilogram metre squared per kelvin. Identifying Substances Using Specific Heat Joe Student Instructor: M. Lawliss Class: Chem Fall Aim: The Aim of this Lab Exercise is to show that the composition of a metal cylinder can be established using a laboratory derived specific heat.

The heat gained by the water was calculated first. Purpose ; 1) Use the equation (q = m c ΔT) to calculate the specific heat capacity of a known metal.

Compare the experimentally determined value for specific heat. heat capacities of gases is beyond the capability of an undergraduate laboratory. The heat capacity ratio, g = Cp/CV, is just as useful in understanding the structure of gaseous molecules and is more accessible experimentally.

2. CLEMENT AND DISORMES METHOD FOR g Theory. The ability of a substance to absorb heat and change its temperature is dependent on its specific heat capacity. Aluminum’s established specific heat capacity is cal/g °C, lead’s is cal/g °C, and water’s is 1 cal/g °C.

Determining Heat Capacity of Water Lab Answers

capacity, or simply the specific heat, of that substance. Water, for instance, has a specific heat capacity of Water, for instance, has a specific heat capacity of J/(g o C).

Heat capacity lab
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