Impact of currant political deadlock on

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Qatar-Gulf crisis: All the latest updates

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Political deadlock drags on as Americans feel effects of government shutdown

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'Negative influence' of political deadlock and Brexit

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All of this means in context the writing political deadlock. Parallel market soars on deadlock ZIMBABWEAN businesses are worried about the negative effects of the current political deadlock on the country’s troubled economy, as demonstrated by the precipitous rise in black market rates over the past few days.

Brexit and the political stalemate are affecting household spending plans in Northern Ireland, according to research by Danske Bank. The bank said consumer confidence also fell in the second quarter of Brexit and the political stalemate are affecting household spending plans in Northern Ireland, according to research by Danske Bank.

Opinion: Swedish political deadlock crosses Atlantic to US

The bank said consumer confidence also fell in the second. Watch video · Ripples from the government shutdown were felt across the nation, from thefurloughed employees forced off the job, to disappointed tourists confronting closed national parks.

Back in. Strikes, protests, demonstrations and, at times, violent actions orchestrated by the chavistas and the antichavistas, have trapped Venezuela in a political deadlock. The current political deadlock over the US budget and debt ceiling could impact the credibility of the dollar, QNB said in a report.

'Negative influence' of political deadlock and Brexit

The US administration began a partial government shutdown after Congress failed to agree on a new budget by October 1.

Impact of currant political deadlock on
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