Interactive data analysis

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Interactive Analysis of Genomic Datasets Using Amazon Athena

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The GGobi Book

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Interactive Analysis of Genomic Datasets Using Amazon Athena

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Interactive data exploration

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Data Files Value Added up to 71 Industries (XLSX) Intermediate Inputs (including KLEMS data) up to 71 industries (XLSX) KLEMS data: intermediate energy, materials, and purchased services inputs, 71 industries (XLSX) Gross Output Projections, analysis, comparisons, and downloadable data and local reports about coastal flood and sea level threats to people, property and infrastructure.

Discover insights faster and communicate more effectively with interactive notebooks for data analysis, visualization, and exploration. View interactive maps showing ground-level, weather, and air quality monitoring data from sites throughout the Bay Area.

Interactive data analysis works mostly in a loop fashion. You start with some sort of loosely specified goal, translate the goal into one or more questions, organize and analyze the data to answer.

Interactive data analysis
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