Islamic political economy in national development

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Seminar Ten: Case Studies – Islam in National(ist) Contexts

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Clement dan Rodney Wilson Ed. who understands it. Islamic political economy is still in its early stage of development. In developing the science of Islamic political economy, Islam as a term needs to be defined.

Integrated Journal of Business and Economics (IJBE)

The word Islam is an addition to the term political economy. Islam is the term that differentiate common political economy from political economy based on Islam.

Thereafter, major elements of these policies are incorporated into the five-year economic development plan. The fifth development plan, for –15, is designed to delegate power to the people and develop a knowledge economy.

The plan is part of "Vision ", a strategy for long-term sustainable growth. The basic principles of the Islamic economic system have the capacity to develop and progress in accordance with human potentials. An Islamic perspective on political economy. Your Vibe February 5,pm January 30, 2.

Islamic Political Economy in National Development

87 No other alternative routes for economic development are envisaged but to let “the laws of the. “The Political Economy Of The Proposed Islamic Banking And Finance In Nigeria: Prospects And Challenges” in Kuwait Chapter of Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review Vol.

1, No.7; Marchp. Islamic economics grew naturally from the Islamic revival and political Islam whose adherents considered Islam to be a complete system of life in all its aspects, rather than a spiritual formula and believed that it logically followed that Islam must have an economic system, unique from and superior to non-Islamic economic systems.

At a political level, the failure of ideologies such as capitalism, communism, and socialism to deliver social and economic justice have prompted crucial questions concerning the role of Islam .

Islamic political economy in national development
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