Math 221 week 4 lab answers

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Mathematics 221 -- Lectures 1, 2, 3 and 4

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MATH 221 Week 5 MyStatLab Homework

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Subject: Mathematics / General Mathematics MATH Statistics for Decision Making Week 6 iLab Name:_____ Statistical Concepts: · Data Simulation · Confidence Intervals · Normal Probabilities Short Answer Writing Assignment All answers should be complete sentences.

We need to find the confidence interval for the SLEEP variable. In the week 2 lab, you found the mean and the standard deviation for the HEIGHT variable for both males and females. Use those values for follow these directions to calculate the numbers again.

(From week 2 lab: Calculate descriptive statistics for the variable Height by Gender. MATH Week 4 iLab DEVRY. MATH Statistics for Decision Making.

Statistical Concepts: • Probability • Binomial Probability Distribution 1. Create plots for the three binomial distributions above create the scatter plots in Excel by selecting the data you want plotted and then click on INSERT, CHARTS, SCATTER, and then select the first chart shown which is dots with no connecting lines.

Math 221 week 4 lab answers
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