Maths coursework on mirrors tiles

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Investigations for GCSE Mathematics

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Jan 05,  · Clean windows, pictures, mirrors etc.

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Level Three Spent time making and playing a new maths game with DD, which included painting pebbles. mirrors and windows level ii Press VISIT link above for more options - Top 10 Mirror Tips For Decorating Your Home. wall mirrors for bathroom 24 x 36 mirrors in champagne gold Simple Tips And Advice To Get Started In Arts And Crafts.

20 Mirrrors 2 3 row design 2 row design Sasha uses tiles to make borders for square mirrors. The picture shows two possible designs for a 5 by 5 mirror surrounded with 1 by 1 tiles. 1 Choose either the 3 row design or the 2 row design. The picture shows a design for a 5 by 5 mirror with a border of 1 by 1 tiles.

1 What is the total number of 1 by 1 tiles used to make a border for (i) a 5 by 5 mirror. 1 Choose either the 3 row design or the 2 row design. making clear the rules and methods that you use. Sasha uses tiles to make borders for square mirrors.

The picture shows a design for a 5 by 5 mirror with a border of 1 by 1 tiles. 1 What is the total number of 1 by 1 tiles used to make a border for (i) a 5 by 5 mirror, (ii) a 7 by 7 mirror?

Maths coursework on mirrors tiles
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