Napoleon bonaparte tyrant

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Napoleon: Hero or Tyrant?

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Was Napoleon Bonaparte a Revolutionary or a Tyrant?

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The French Revolution created Napoleon Bonaparte (). Napoleon combined a passion for power with his genius for leadership. Much of what Napoleon accomplished over fifteen years seemed to both undermine and preserve the principles of Napoléon Bonaparte (15 August – 5 May ) was a French military general who rose to prominence in the French Revolution, becoming the ruler of France as First Consul of the French Republic (11 November - 18 May ), and then Emperor of the French and King of Italy under the name Napoleon I (18 May - 6 Apriland.

On December 18,cannons of the Revolutionary army under the command of twenty-four year-old Major Napoleon Bonaparte destroyed ten English ships anchored in Toulon's harbor. Beethoven first noticed a 'ringing and buzzing' in his ears about the age of 26 or An annoyance at first, his concerns grew as the condition persisted and two years later, aroundhe began consulting with doctors.

The Battle of Waterloo takes place near the Waterloo, Belgium on June 18, In this battle, the forces of the French Empire under the leadership of Michael Ney and Napoleon Bonaparte were defeated by the Seventh Coalition and a Prussian Army, which was commanded by Gebhard Von Blucher.

Jun 30,  · Napoleon often referred to himself as a “son of the revolution.” Having developed a tremendous career in the French army during the French Revolution and once even saving the National Convention from defeat, he became a man of immense power.

Napoleon I of France

Napoleon was initially well liked. He was a Reviews:

Napoleon bonaparte tyrant
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