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Rencontres irlandaises. Joanna Boyle is from Glaslough, County Monaghan and plays banjo and sings. She started playing banjo at the age of 9 and has been competing in competitions ever since.

GIGS. JANUARY Jan Rockchapel Co Cork with Tony O'Connell July th: Rencontres Musicales Irlandaises of Tocane France July Aug 3rd: Belfast Summer School of Traditional Music _____ AUG Aug 4th: Fiddle Workshop at the Brantry Fleadh Dungannon Co Tyrone. rencontres musicales irlandaises tocane saint apre Day Tour go AM 7 Days a week A fantastic guided cycling tour of this amazing city and all the special.

Echanges/Exchanges Le comité de jumelage Rennes -Cork a comme objectif clé d’organiser des échanges entre Rennes et Cork. Ces échanges peuvent se faire dans le cadre du lycée, université, culture (musique, danse), et sport (football gaélique, du basket).

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