Typical mba coursework

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International applicants for admission to the University of Chicago must meet English language requirements set by the school.

Information about English language requirements can be found below.

2018 Best AACSB Accredited Online MBA Programs

For questions beyond what are listed in the FAQs at the bottom, please contact your admissions office. Chinnappa Reddy, studied Master of Business Administration Degrees at Xavier School of Management () Answered Dec 28, · Author has answers and 97k answer views In the first year of your MBA, you will get an exposure to all the streams of MBA - marketing,finance, operations, HR etc.

The Office of International Affairs

Online MBA programs are available in a variety of specialties including finance, accounting, supply chain management, human resources, and executive MBAs designed for professionals with significant experience in the field. Want to stand out in the job market with advanced expertise in business management?

The online MBA program from the Romain College of Business offers interactive instruction and experiential learning that develops your ability to think critically and creatively within the business world.

From our core and elective coursework focused on leadership development and analytics to our mini-semester format, The Tepper MBA program is structured to provide an integrated view of business and prepare students to manage, lead and solve complex business problems.

We split the typical semester system in half, creating four week. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Lakeland University opens doors to tremendous opportunity. As a Lakeland graduate, you can expect to move forward in your career goals.

MBA Online

Lakeland’s MBA program invites students to design their own concentration.

Typical mba coursework
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